SpiRituals #1

There’s something to be said about having the right drink at the right time…


I spend a lot of time trying to work it out. True, I live where you vacation (don’t hate!)
Some say it is a matter of taste, but to know what rhum works, depending not simply on you but on the setting and the environment requires long running experiments. See here for instance, the sun is fading rather setting because the clouds kept both light and warmth away. It is also an open bay subject to strong trade winds, the air is cool and salty. You cannot opt for a sipping rum when elements make you run the risk of altering its nature. So you go for dry and light white rhum and reinvent a classic… you squeeze the lime juice, melt in the sugar and let your lips return from sea to land. There! you have made a memory…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kericola says:

    You make me curious about this particular experience… something I must try. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration.


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